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The holiday season is just around the corner, and you may be looking forward to getting a head start on decorating. If you’re looking for centerpiece and décor ideas to brighten up your home for Thanksgiving, the options we share here are simple and beautiful.

Looking for opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the crisp fall weather? Our state is beautiful all year round, but the colors of nature are especially gorgeous during this season. Whether you’d like to stay close to home in Broomfield or you’re ready for a road trip, the hiking routes we share here are sure to offer spectacular views.

Fall is just around the corner! If you’re craving pie but would like to indulge in new combinations of flavors, consider the spins on classic fall pies that we share here. Many of these pies are similar to the originals (with a creative touch) and are perfect for whipping up on special occasions or when you’re feeling adventurous.

Looking for opportunities to prepare healthy meals at home? Cooking doesn’t have to be a solo experience: kids can share the responsibility of making dinner, and this task has the potential to be a fun bonding opportunity. If you’re on the search for easy and quick dinners that kids can help with, take a look at a few of our favorite options:

Colorado’s summers are truly magical and make waiting through cold, snowy winters feel absolutely worth it. By day, we can enjoy the outdoors and remain socially distanced, but it remains crucial to stay home as much as possible while continuing to support the local economy. Here are some fun at-home date night ideas that are engaging and romantic.

Summiting a 14er is a rite of passage for Coloradans. Taking in views from 14,000 feet above sea level is an experience unlike any other. While some of our state’s 14ers boast challenging and risky climbs, there are plenty that are approachable and enjoyable for even the most inexperienced of hikers. Here are some of the best 14ers for beginners.

If you’re concerned about keeping your home free from viruses and bacteria after illness, you’re not alone. The times we’re living in have many individuals paying closer attention to cleanliness and hoping to find habits that help reduce the spread of viruses. For those planning to give their home a deep clean, here’s what you need to know about proper cleansing methods after being ill:

Colorado is home to a thriving art scene--and not just in cities like Denver and Boulder. If you’re interested in supporting local art or joining a group of fellow artists, check out the Broomfield Art Guild. This organization provides opportunities for Broomfield’s art community to...