TurnPike Shops at Arista Broomfield | Spring Crafts For All Ages
Get creative with these simple, spring-themed crafts at your next party or gathering. Read on to learn more.
spring crafts
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Spring Crafts For All Ages

Spring Crafts For All Ages

Brightly colored craft projects are fun for everyone and offer a great way to decorate the house, celebrate spring, and clean out the craft closet. For Easter parties, birthday gatherings, of seasonal celebrations, bust out the art supplies and get to creating. These spring-themed crafts are perfect for individuals of all ages.

Caterpillar Egg Cartons

Great for the littlest of guests, these caterpillar egg cartons get rid of surplus recyclables and are easy to paint. Lay out washable paints, pipe cleaners, glue, and googly eyes so kids can make their egg carton critter unique. Encourage children to name their new creation and take it outside for some backyard play time.

Nature-Themed Binoculars

Start saving toilet-paper and paper towel rolls for this creative craft. With a little preparation, this project is straightforward and gives partygoers something fun to take home. Staple or glue two cardboard rolls together and add a string to the ends for DIY binoculars. Lay out markers, paints, stickers, and any other miscellaneous fun supplies so children can get crazy with their binoculars. Go one step further and create a nature scavenger hunt so kids can put their craft to use.

Seed Bird Feeders

This simple craft also involves leftover cardboard rolls. Punch holes in either ends of the toilet paper or paper towel roll and set up peanut butter and seed stations. Show kids how to slather peanut butter on the cardboard roll, then spoon or roll birdseed all over. Hang these up immediately and watch the birds gather round for a tasty and healthy treat.

Cherry-Blossom Painting

Put leftover plastic bottles to good use with this pretty project. Lay out a variety of paints and empty plastic bottles. Provide canvas or craft paper and use the bottom of the bottles as a stamp for cherry blossoms. By dipping the end into pinks, whites, and purples, then pressing along a dark brown trunk, this simple craft quickly transforms a plain canvas into a springtime masterpiece. Here are the instructions.

Baby Chick Candy Jars

This year is all about reusing our recyclable goods. Start saving used glass jars from salsa, peanut butter, and other sauces. Rinse them well, and once dry, coat the inside with various pastel paint colors. Set these out with crazy eyes, stickers, pipe cleaners, and craft paper. Instruct crafters to decorate theirs like a favorite springtime animal – baby chicks, rabbits, lambs, and more. Go one step further and set up a candy bar where kids can fill their jars with sweets and treats to take home.

This year, instead of creating more waste, use recyclable goods and turn trash into treasures through these simple spring-themed crafts. Guests will enjoy getting to take home a party favor that reminds them of all the possibilities that this season of life holds.

The Turnpike Shops at ARISTA Broomfield are part of a planned community that is focused on bringing people together. With ample open space, parks, and amenities, Turnpike Shops provides ample resources for your springtime party. Visit us today to experience beautiful Broomfield in a whole new way.